There Were NO PLANES on 9/11

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Well, we know 9/11 was a false flag operation resulting in the murder of nearly 3000 people simply by asking the question: what happened to Building 7? Once you answer that you know all the buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions. This excellent Youtube video puts the cherry on top by showing conclusively that there were NO PLANES involved in the attacks on 9/11. Other people have proved the supposed planes were still in existence after 9/11 and there wasn’t a single shred of evidence of a plane in Shanks Field or the Pentagon. ┬áThis video shows how compositing was used to get people to believe it happened BUT IT NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Frighteningly – and we all should be frightened – carrying out such a maniacal and dastardly deed required numbers of nutty people. It is encumbent upon the human race to find them – for the safety of the human race.