Brussels Attacks: Fake Reality

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Close New show every Sunday 9pm GMT. The show features Mark Windows with Dr Nick Kollerstrom and Prof Jim Fetzer on the Brussels Airport and Metro bombings of the 22/3/2016. Jim and Nick are well known for their research into false flag terror events. Jim recently edited the book “Nobody died at Sandy Hook” which was banned by Amazon. Nick wrote ” Terror on the Tube ” which analysed the bombings of 7/7 in London. The show looks at the parallels with false flag events and the anomalies in the reporting of the event from the mainstream media.UPDATE: New footage of explosion added to airport footage.

One of the most important observations is that the ‘bombing’ came from the ceiling in the Airport. THINK! If it came from the ceiling it couldn’t have been caused by anyone visiting the airport as was portrayed by the lip-serving media! It had to have been installed ‘out of hours’ by someone who could gain access to it. As airports are often open 24 hours it means it could only have been done with Airport agreement!