Brussels False Flag / Hoax – Looking Faker and Faker

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It’s a laugh a minute. The utter banality of the ‘producers’ of these displays can only be mocked. The staging is so obvious when you see it presented in this way. Again, it invites full derision of mainstream media. Thanks again to The Paulstal Service for this excellent video expose of what is definitely a HOAX!

Published on 31 Mar 2016
Why does Brussels Look so FAKE? Why are we seeing more “first responders” more concerned about covering their faces, and getting camera people out of the area than treating victims? This entire scene is ridiculous for anyone with a first responding background. There is police tape up before EMT workers are on the scene? A “security perimiter” is set up, yet peole with red-under armed black shirts run past the armed guard and put on vests and are welcomed into the scene? What exactly the F is going on here? Watching some videos it becomes more clear- the EMTs/ Firefighters actually aren’t looking for anything in the toolbox.. just opening and closing it will do.. Soldiers wearing facemasks/ balaklavas is the new normal now Belgium! Hope you realize how you guys are being enslaved!

Olav Thon.. Check into his involvement in 6/22 Oslo..