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Published on 18 Jan 2013

On April 20, 1999, two bullied boys from Columbine High School, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, embarked on a massacre and killed 12 students and one teacher, and injured 21 other students, before committing suicide.
music credited to Kevin MacLeod


One of the most chilling statements comes from the parents of Brooks Brown when they said the police were outside the school with the entrance doors unlocked and open and listening to the kids being shot one by one while they did nothing about it. Certainly, no ‘Dirty Harry’ are these cowards. It is clear from this video re-enactment that there was ample opportunity to deal with the killers and they remained protecting themselves.

Secondly, Although there are many reasons to be guessed at as to why these animals perpetrated such a vile act, again another odd but important piece of information is thrown in the air by the voice-over when he states that Harris “in the months before [Eric] had been prescribed an anti-depressant drug called Zoloft (Pfizer) which is commonly used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder BUT CONDITION CONTINUED TO GET WORSE!”.  This is a very important piece of information that has just been blithely ignored by the mainstream if not the who cabuzzle.

Dr Ann Blake Tracy states “…and he [Harris] reported that he was having both homicidal and suicidal “ideation” (only in America do they have this mad verbiage), that’s where you constantly think about hurting yourself or hurting someone else. HE did realise it was coming from the medication and so did the doctors. They took him off the medication but all he got in exchange was a different  brand name. He got Luvox.

There’s your answer – right there! DRUGS – albeit legal. Interfering with the mind of a young being and worse a young human being who probably just needed a different upbringing and support. One thing of note, he was Aries and they have a tendency to want be always first. If they lose the plot, anything can happen…and did.