Meet a Crisis Actor – Orlando Hoax

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Yes, you’ve seen them all before, but meet ‘hero’ “Bjorn Jiskoot”…. and others. Tsk! despicable behaviour by the media!

Published on 19 Jun 2016

Heads up the Blue Apple for the investigating

Starting with a model, then a well known actor of b-flicks who was raised in the army, right back to CHRISTOPHER HANSEN WHO IS A CRISIS ACTOR! So ladies and gents, Christopher Hansen IS Christopher Hansen and HE IS A CRISIS ACTOR FOR CERTAIN so this guy is exposed. Hes a BI-SEXUAL fat dork who is another wannbe who loves show business and make it there by getting a few bucks through CRSIS CAST AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES to star in a DHS produced TELE-HOAX complete with actors, no blood, no bodies, no footage, no evidence, no guns, no evidence, green screens, bad acting, dummies, the LGBT cabal, Donald Trump Israel backed fudging for the JEW WORLD ORDER. Case closed on Hansen, just another hack getting a coiuple hun to COMMIT TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD for the interasts of ‘the choose’. So, no apologies to Jizz Koot, he got a few minutes in the alt media limelight and also trashed because hes a filthy lying motherfucking “ACTOR” and I hate all fucking actors, their liars!!

If Orlando was a ‘hoax’, and all the evidence or rather no evidence suggests it is, then all were in on it and thus all are ‘actors’. Most everyone involved have been exposed as actors with acting credentials. There are only two not exposed as actors with credentials, crying mom and the all american hero. Fat american ‘gay’ hero guy seems to be in most all footage and was doing all the talking. Supposedly from Arkansas, he is said to just show up in Orlando for a ‘new life’ and wham, hes a hero and is given awards by the governor. The contradictions in his witness testimony are way to ridiculous.If most are actors then hes going to be one to, the ‘chief’ one. Well, the guy identified in vid is a ‘chief’ actor with almost a page of credentials and movie credits. Hes also a director and a model and according to his FB page, one that was not taken down recently, he also does drywalling it appears when not on the set (acting a piss poor career, no money unless your a star). This guy WANTS to be a star real bad and he may have had the role of a lifetime starring as the hero for the Orlando Massacre HOAX. From where Im sitting, NO ONE DIED AND NO ONE WAS WOUNDED, it was all a certified staged skit and the mass media in on it. Primary objective? TAKE AWAY GUNS!