Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel? Huh?

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Scientific application to discover the curvature of the earth from the fundamental examination of what appears to be a flat lake, presented by the Discovery Channel and narrated by the esteemed Prof. Hawkins. Despite its delivery it raises a number of questions. The first measurement is 500 feet from the shore; they don’t declare the height. At 3 miles out the marker states: “it’s like 6ft”.  Abandoning a laser beam as their method (I always thought a laser light was infinite but…) they use a powerful telescope instead and then, using a helicopter, they fly to the far side of the shore saying it is twice as far (6 miles) away and,on landing it there, it disappears to the telescope viewer and on its rising again he identifies the point at which he sees them – 24ft! This means the shoreline on that far side is 24ft lower. This contradicts all the evidence and their measurements put forward by flat earthers and, yet, there’s something about this program that is disquieting. Not withstanding the equipment used, are we talking Science versus Common Sense here?

To recap:
At 500ft      –   no declared measurement
At 3 miles   –   the lake is 6ft higher
At 6 miles   –  the shoreline is 24ft lower

Is it the land elevations?