Trump versus The Swamp

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Many people were horrified at the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. I wasn’t one of them. Here was a man who could stand on his onwn terms and could offer hope to really turn things around and truly drain the swamp. Since his inauguration, there has been a persistent pursuit to undermine him, his work and his policies not only in America but world wide. He is under siege in a way no other POTUS has ever been. And why? Because he tells it like it is and the monster’s wheels are grinding and straining to free themselves before he brings the citadel down around their ears and gives rise to hope for the people. This video is one of the best speeches I have ever seen given by anyone let alone POTUS. If only the American people could see through the sham of the alternative in the way the rest of us do, Trump could indeed make America (and the West) Great Again! Mind you, one of the ways he could undermine them is to insist on a respected investigation into 9/11. This will never happen because of the involvement of a major investment country and the destabilizing effect on relations it would have…forever.