Anonymous – HAVE WE FORGOTTEN?? (September 11th)

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It’s been 16 years since that fateful day when the Twin Towers were brought down. I, for one, simply disbelieved what I saw and the narrative that went with it. A pack of lies! Any of us may think what we like but the bare truth of the matter is that you can’t fly in the face of physics. Notwithstanding that, there is one question which answers everything, and that is: What happened to Building 7?  One you come to the question with a reasonable open mind or closed mind I defy you not to come to the logical conclusion that it was a controlled demolition. You’ve only Grendfell Tower in Kensington London to realise that. And I can’t thank the Architects and Engineers of America ( who, in their thousands, have come together to raise interest in the matter and bring this question to the attention of the government and other authorities.

I have been demanding the attention of a presidential enquiry since that dumb thick Bush left office without success. Two terms of Obama (supposed to be an educated man) and one part of the first term of Trump (a buildings supremo) and they still daren’t bring this question up. And the reason is simple: there is a hidden and powerful hand running America. Kennedy pointed that out. And people in positions of authority are SCARED!

So watch this video if you dare and listen to someone who was actually there – a first responder – a decent man and a man who is alone in his attempt like so many others to bring the truth to YOU!