Come On, Ireland (The Lisbon Treaty)

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Watch this and worry. It is a reflection on what happened in Ireland when Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty. The views of the people were simply ignored, disregarded and subjugated to idiocy. Pat Condell – an Irishman himself – a wit and critic, exposes at the time the vile stupidity of the EU and their one-course action to denigrate the Republic and ensure the program to unite europe continues unabated.

I say watch this and worry because it was published in 2011 and we in Britain have just voted to Brexit. The Remainers (or whoever is behind them) has asked for a judicial revue to establish who has the right and authority to implement the will of the people and that their judgement was only a suggestion which the government has no right to implement. So, is this a “here we go again moment”? Hotel California, as it was described by Peter Hitchins, where you can check out but you can never leave. If such a travesty should occur I predict we the people shall be forever caged, democracy will be all but gone and from that malaise may come horror.