Facebook – Preparing to Control the Whole Human Population

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Yes, it all started so innocently. An innocuous way for busy students at University to be in touch with one another has now turned into a rapacious, devouring monolith set to be misused by the authorities as and when they please to enable them to dominate the world’s population.

It’s about control in the future. Anyone who has uploaded personal information onto Facebook has contributed to this program and, in the end, if not them, then their children, will be in the hands of the authorities and, hopefully, – forlornly, probably, given the human record to date – they will not be despotic. If you have, then it is too late now to withdraw from the monster. If you try, your material will be frozen for the masters’ future benefit although you may think it has been deleted. Facebook deletes nothing. It just removes it from view and access.

This video will send shivers down any intelligent spine….