How to build Stonehenge & the Pyramids

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No mystery – the lunatics (especially scholars) have had their day. Yes, truly, watch how one man alone physically demonstrates how Stonehenge and the Pyramids simply could have built Stonehenge and the Pyramids and possibly with very few people involved. Maybe we’re all being duped here but it looks unlikely from what you can see otherwise it’s magical.

It amazes me that, given the simple application of engineering and building techniques, which no doubt would have been in the mind of previous generations, that all the brains of today have continued to perpetrate a mystery which shouldn’t have been one if they had an ounce of Commonsense between them. So many people have made so much out of the ‘mystery’ of these edifices it seems clear that was the primary reason this kind of proven application was never made before…AND THIS WAS DONE IN 2000