NASA and Space

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In place of Indigo Raven (see below) we are publishing this excellent video of the Challenger tragedy which “Feed Your Mind” published about the unbelievable expose of the fact that the victims we were told are still apparently alive today.  It is equally remarkable that the original video was banned by YouTube even though it had 1 million hits! So, with respect, we are supporting “Feed Your Mind”. There is a case here! We can’t establish what happened to Indigo’s YouTube video.

Removed (but not by us)
*Indigo Raven in a video entitled ‘Nasa Has Never Been to Space’ exposed in a comprehensive way the lies perpetrated by NASA over the decades about space exploration.  What’s difficult to fathom is how this can happen in more recent decades than before given all the technology now in the hands of the hoi polloi. That said, however, the truth is slowly beginning to dawn on the masses as it already has on millions of open-minded people like Indigo. If you’ve never seen such information before and you are still a believer that we put men on the moon watch this and see if your belief system can withstand it.