Varoufakis reveals our society’s looming doomsday

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Varoufakis – Why the Universal Basic Income is a Necessity – by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.  What’s astounding is this. He said in a lecture that:

“…in reality our wealth production is collective, is social and it is only then privately appropriated. Unless we make a shift in the narrative we’re not going to be able to succeed to convince even those who will benefit from basic income that it is worthwhile struggling for it. Take an iPhone, unpick it, open it. what do you find in it? You find a variety of technologies. EACH ONE OF THEM WAS CREATED BY SOME GOVERNMENT GRANT. NONE OF THEM WAS PRODUCED BY APPLE, NONE OF THEM WAS PRODUCED BY GOOGLE, NONE OF THEM WAS PRODUCED BY FACEBOOK. THEY WERE ALL PRODUCED BY SOME GOVERNMENT GRANT!
The hidden hand.
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