Warning from the Past about what is happening to the Present

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Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian World War II survivor, gives her account of Hitler’s takeover of Austria. The similarities to today’s left and their “progressive agenda”, are staggering! This is a MUST WATCH! She is offering a warning to modern America but, frankly, it is the world she is warning us about. Take heed, the pattern has been created and proved and in our computerised world they have the superior means to do it even better this time and instead on limited landmass, a world-wide landmass.  Nazi stands for National Socialism and it reminds me of the would-be benign behaviour of certain members of the current UK Labour Party particularly McDonnell – a very scary man indeed – backed by a group calling itself ‘Momentum’. Know this: horror doesn’t come at you with a gnarling, snarling face; it comes at you with a smile! As Kitty says, “when the people fear the government, that’s tyranny. When the government fears the people, that’s liberty”

Fellow citizens of planet earth, please listen to this wonderful woman and wake up and do whatever you can to prevent the hell being foisted upon us like a chinese water torture.  Protest and survive!