Who Rules The World

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Not governments, more so business. Not business, more so international businessmen. Not international businessmen, more so Jews. Not Jews, more so clever Jews. Not clever Jews, more so collegiate connections with Israel as Head Office. Brother Nathaniel, himself a Jew, now Christian, explains how it all works. But for those of you under any delusions, it is striking how the movie world especially during the initial Hollywood heyday was dominated by Jews. And when the music business really took off in the sixties, it too was dominated by Jews in control of it rarely if ever in the front of it. And now in the time of the internet when there is over 1 billion websites the Jews dominate the top 15.

Check out this piece on WebsiteSuitor which asks the question: “How Many Websites Can You Name?”  Meanwhile, here’s an extract…

How many websites can you name or remember? 500? 100? 50? Well, if you can name even 15 you’ll be top of the class.  Besides the usual suspects, there will be a few peculiar to you or your personal needs like High Street shops you knew of or big names who’ve transferred their interests to the web but, after that, it’s a wing and a prayer time as you will only ‘accidentally’ or by enquiry through a search engine, come across websites, most of which you’ll forget as soon as you’ve looked at them.

I suspect you will struggle to name even 15 but here’s my go…
A bank
A broadbank supplier
A fav newspaper
A betting/gambling shop

I wonder how many on your list will be the same as mine?  Ok! now cross them out and see how many you can name?

Frightening, isn’t it!  Given, that there are over 1 billion websites, it ought to come as a bit of a shock.

Well, here’s another shock…
All, if not nearly all, are owned by Jewish people and most are gathered to generate and operate in the same area, Silicon Valley California. Isn’t that amazing?  Clearly, there’s no doubting the cleverness and success of them.  I love it, but you can see the same pattern in other disciplines that have been world-wide consumerist successes – the film industry and the music industry.