Do you really believe the NASA moon landing?

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In July 1969, we all sat enthralled at our black and white TV sets believing we were watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the Moon. How daft! Anyone with an ounce of sense could see then but more especially now in these more enlightened times and advanced technology that it was a hoax. But why? This film not only explains why but of the culpability of the money men, the military-industrial complex and the needs to sustain for political expedience the murder of the greatest, most intelligent president in the history of the USA, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Never again would the powers that be allow such an intelligent man hold such a powerful position and a look through the list of his successors proves that. Interestingly, the truth behind JFK’s death was sealed away not to be revealed until this year 2017 – if ever – and only by the president. If anyone can do it, Trump can and is rich enough to subvert the powers that be hands and do so, but will he. We wait with interest to see.