Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do

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For all those who were related to those who may have been killed or those who were hurt or affected by the Manchester attack on 22 May 2017, we must join with others in offering our fullest sympathy and support but in the interest of seeking truth, there are disquieting aspects to this atrocity that merit the revelations exposed in this video exchange. Time and time and time again we are treated to the same mechanism and there is never any facts behind what we are ‘told’.  Given that there were 22 people murdered and 59 people seriously injured and god knows how many more on the periphery who must have been less seriously hurt, can someone please notify how any of us can attend the funerals of those murdered in order to pay our heartfelt respects.  It has to be said that one woman and her child leaving early and looking to exit where the explosion is said to have occurred was confronted by a line of security guards who told blocked her from leaving that way when seconds later they were screaming at her to run! run! after which the explosion occurred behind them!  What does that tell you?  And then there is the crazy fact that a year ago there was just such a drill in the local shopping arcade not in Liverpool, not in Edinburgh, not in York, not in Leeds, Cardiff or London but in Manchester! You couldn’t make it up!

One commentator to this video, a soldier, said: “Why don’t you get people with bomb site experience to analyse false flag bomb sites? Just a comparison image of a real suicide attack in Iraq would expose the nonsense. I was a soldier. Bombs that kill and maim that many cause massive damage to everything. Paramedics carry vast amounts of kit in those situations and triage is a busy busy scene. The image here of the lobby is a fake.” I would have to suggest he should know!

Three facts need to be stated. All these events happen on 22 of the month.  The culprit was aged 22. The number we are given who were killed is also 22. What are the odds?

Something seriously going on over and above what is being said to us.