Anders Brevik Attack in Norway – Revelations!

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Ole Dammegård reveals the false flag and ridiculousness of many of the aspects of atrocity said to have been committed by Anders Brevik both in blowing up government buildings and later the vile killings of teenagers on Auf island. 69 people died.


The ludicrous behaviour of the police in response is very hard to take but when you see his examination of the government building bombing your alarm bells are already at full ring in your ears. Worse, is their behaviour in dealing with the island attack.


With the recent events taking place in Brussels,these False Flags continue as those in power seek to accomplish the Satanic Plot set in motion century’s ago by Satan himself,this video shows it in ways that can’t be denied,it is now a race against time as they seek to create a atmosphere of fear,upon the majority of the sleeping dumbed down/docile/programmed population,then to ultimately claim as many souls as possible with the implementation of the New World Order.Wake up and see it for what it truly is,cause its in plain site as all countries around the world work secretly together to bring this about. Know and have hope that the Most High’s plan will be revealed through Satan’s plan in the end but through this the chaff will be sifted from the wheat.Matt 13:38-42. The speaker Ole Dammegård at the Open Mind Conference 2015. Ole is an author, inventor, former journalist and investigator, who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. Shalom
Published on 24 Mar 2016

A Critical and important look at False Flag Terrorism