Orlando Shooting – another Fake setup

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Original Video on Youtube taken down. (https://youtu.be/wiLk-V9DFpc) We are keeping the link because the content was worthy of it and nearly half a million viewers saw it.

Here we go again! I had immediately thought myself that there was something seriously wrong with the account we were given because the ‘shooter’ had spent three hours holed up yet we were told that he entered the club and started shooting people indiscriminantly, killing 50 and seriously injuring 50 more. Then we learned the cops later blew a couple of holes in the wall where he had taken hostages for 3 hours. People came running out of it and the shooter was eliminated


If he had just murdered 50 people why on earth would he stop at that and then start negotiating with cops? STUPID. So now the internet is finding out the flaws of the attack and identifying it as another HOAX/Setup.  When will this nonsense ever stop.  This video alone is enough to make you realize the mainstream news have their heads up their a***s and they are doing a serious disservice to Journalism itself.