12 reasons why Paris attacks were a false flag event

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This is a most interesting video offering several insights into foreknowledge of the 13 November attacks. This guy on the voice sounds like an Israeli and it’s a very polished presentation so it’s all the more interesting for that.

One commentator, Massimo LaFranconi said:
“You’ll be interested to know that billionaire Arnauld Lagardere (Lagardere Group, Hechette, Larousse, France Telecom, Vuitton, Lazard, Vivendi Universal… the list is too long) is the new Bataclan owner since 9/11/2015, the man is connected to Baron Edmond de Rothshild and he’s one of the first Israeli IDF military sponsor, while another Rothshild, Daniel, is one of the IDF heads. Mossad is a IDF division while the largest Lagardere Group stockholders is the Emir of Qatar (the first ISIS sponsor). So we have a clean connection between a Rothshild agent, Arnauld Lagardere, the terrorist attacks in Paris and ISIS, a CIA/Mossad false flag operation financed by the Gulf regimes money. Now look at the latest Charlie Hedbo cartoon and turn it upside down (180 degree). What do you see? I see a Menorah, the sign in blood of the real terrorists”

12 reasons why Paris attacks were a false flag event