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Created on May 18, 2018 at 4:23 pm by entre

There are today barely a handful of honest, reliable, authoritive, truthful and challenging press individuals worthy of the title ‘Journalist’. And all of them are independent. All of them are ignored by the mainstream media who have been taken over, I would argue, since the death of President John Kennedy who warned us against secret societies.  The mainstream media has been become a sort of secret society because it fails to provide an open and honest platform to the ‘Journalists’ worthy of that title as they demand obedience to the line they are given by their masters.  Invariably, these organs of disrepute – yellow journalism by any other name from another era – ‘repeat’ what they are told and often what they are told is provided to them by another higher authority. So, their employees are simply vacuous and as far removed from diligence in what they are recounting to the general dumb public as it’s possible to be.

Nonetheless, some of the best of the band of brothers who make up the few who are real Journalists doing their best in a sea of shit, are there and can be found if you just look for them. Here, below, is a list and and link to some of them where they have their own independent websites. We urge you to visit them…and often, for the sake of truth.

John Pilger

Robert Fisk

Ken O’Keeffe

Peter Hitchins

David Icke

Norman Finkelstein

George Galloway

You will have noticed, undoubtedly, that there are a number of videos on this site which are no longer operational. That is because the accounts where these items were placed on YouTube were suspended by YouTube. On the face of it, CaughtOut are of the opinion the items were of great important to the public and, as an example of the dangers of ownership being in the hands of a few, we retain them as a memory of what was there for future need and reference.




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