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Created on May 10, 2016 at 3:48 am by entre

Why the need for this site?

With so much uploaded onto youtube – 7,000 hours of video are uploaded every hour –  too much confusion reigns when seeking the truth or possible truth to some of the most mischievous and heart-rending stories of our time that are making this a lawless world.

From the comparative innocence of the ’60’s we have seen the growing menace of the onset of the New World Order agenda taking place until it finally erupted in 1990, shortly after having passed that feared date of 1984. It was as they had been waiting for it, to come and go, in case they were caught out.

They have been caught out since by their actions, which are growing alarmingly more daring every year, and worldwide.

They have turned America simply into a madhouse.

There’s no question about it, as this collection of videos of incidents shows . It wasn’t always like that. It was, until the murder and cover-up of JFK, a great generous and rich country, notwithstanding its appalling treatment of black people whose rightful demand for equal rights came into its own and led to the shocking murder of Martin Luther King.  Today, America is upside down with a hidden agenda that has caused mayhem throughout the world, as its own thoughtful, and many educated, citizens will attest to.

Britain, too, has shown the same line of madness in tandem with its superior boss, the US, as witnessed by its corruption of the law, the false incarceration of numbers of people, its oppression of the workers as in the the coal industry miners strikes and its duplicity in justifying war-mongering as we have seen with the vile behaviour of Tony Blair who behaved more like his victim (Saddam) than anything else.

This site will help to bring the truth to your door or, at least, the items that will surely make you open your eyes to what is happening and is clearly a usurpation of truth, justice, order and democracy and the rights of everyone not to be trample upon by the wrongs of the wealthy and fucked-up few.

And just maybe you might be able to help to do something about it.


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