San Bernardino victim’s daughter exposes the false flag by mistake!

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Published on 8 Dec 2015 by The Truth is from God

listen to what the daughter of an allegged victim of the San Bernardino shooting says to Anderson Pooper the next day after the shooting.

If this doesn’t prove to you that this whole San Bernardino event was nothing but a STAGED HOAX then nothing will.

The girl seems happy while her mother is supposed to have been killed the day before in horrible circumstances, and reported what her mother was telling here before the so called shooting:

“If I do go ….or that I am taken into a new place” which new place??? In short, if I simulate my death (like many secret services agent does) and start a new life into another place.

The only true thing is that the pakistani couple have been executed and used as scapegoats…. or ….are also agents and have been sent back to pakistan … but what is sure is that this whole story cannot be like the mass media reported it.