Sandy Hook: False Flag?

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Much has been written about this tortuous subject – the murder of so many innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But when a Pastor sees something convincing him as to the veracity of the people screaming “it’s a false flag” it’s time to take notice. I defy anyone to look at this and think otherwise. We’ve seen many actors exposed in this dreadful act whether it be real world or (I think) false flag (for being so) but in this you will be finally challenged as to being a numbskull or possibly retarded in dealing with the facts of life.

As said by a contributor, “What is the most frightening aspect to this – as with many other incidents – is not whether the main stream news media ignore it but that not a single government official, representative or Senator has bothered to subpoena any of these actors, confront them with what you have and serve the people and the democKracy they claim to represent. I swear if I ever win the Lottery I’m going to legally challenge every single incident til I’ve spent every penny exposing the fraud. You’re biggest card is NOT to vote ever no matter what the result of that may be until the rules are changed and the laws are effective for the sake of all humanity.”

And the latest? A $1 TRILLION dollar lawsuit