Amazing Predictions from 1958

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America is the reason why there is so much devastation, anxiety and human degradation both within its own land and around the world. Its core values and principles since the end of WW2  and especially since the murder of JFK have been trounced into the ground by someone or something that can only be described as an elite or as some people call the ‘illuminati’. People often ascribe ‘freemasonry’ to them but this is false. Yes, freemasonry is a vehicle that could have done it a 100 years ago or more and indeed probably did within a confined area of control but since it was hijacked at the turn of the 20th century, it has been abandoned by that certain elite who used its organisational ability to move into the boardrooms and hence control the world.

This film should be on mainstream television and news every day until something is done because this man is telling you what has happened since 1958 and is a perfect support to the outpouring of President Eisenhower who warned us of the control of the military-industrial over our lives.  There is something coming – its easy to see that – but its hard to know exactly when. Could it be 2025?