An Explanation of What is Going On

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The orignal Youtube  video (( that was here was taken down by YouTube but here is what was remarked about it:
“It was an interview given by David Icke to InfoWars just after the attack on Manchester where he gives a clear explanation of what is going on to de-nationalise the West especially Europe at the present time and ultimately what the intention is. If you tie this up to another story about NASA revealing in a paper how they want robots to replace stupid human beings. Basically, the transformation of society.

What I would like to say here is what a long way we have come since the disreputable interview by that idiot interviewer Terry Wogan who led to mocking David for what he said was coming. None of us at the time believed him and thought he was slightly delusional but my God has David Icke had the last laugh. And good on him! They did the same in the 1960’s to Enoch Powel who warned that the British immigration policy would lead to ‘blood on the streets’. And hasn’t it done just that!  But, guess what? Who was the minister in the conservative government of the late 1950’s who signed the paper inviting the first black immigrants from the commonwealth to work in Britain against the will of the people? Yep – Enoch Powell.”

In place of it we are showing this recent statement by David.