Westminster Bridge Terror Attack – Yet Again, Another False Flag?

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As the editor I personally was taken aback at the lack of evidence regarding this event…ON THE DAY ITSELF! But, although there were many people shouting “False Flag” on the internet given the information we could glean, here is a thorough examination of what was revealed to us and again we are left we the notion it was another false flag. Why do the authorities do this? If they are not false flag events, can they please stop leaving themselves open to disbelief. We need to see the wounds – for the sake of democracy.

Published on 2 Apr 2017

The Kent Freedom Movement go to Westminster to investigate the so called “terrorist” attack in London on 22 March.  We trace the journey of the alleged attacker from the beginning to the end and finish at Parliament itself.  We ask the questions the media isn’t asking and we show that what we’ve been told by the same MSM is in fact impossible and false.  Our special guest is acclaimed author Dr Nick Kollerstrom who has decades of experience in unraveling this type of State fabricated terror event.

Dr Nick Kollerstrom’s website